Friday, August 2, 2013


Ramadhan Kareem will leave us soon. How time flies. 

Had a blast memorable Iftar with my ex college mates. Had a sambal sotong, kangkung cili api, cencaluk, ikan bakar , choc batik ganache (made by me, hehehe) and an ayam pansuh (made by Hazley) are the best. Thanks Linda and Hazley for the food and hospitality. Can't wait for Hari Raya. Sure there will be a lots of memory. I loved to spent time with them, they are joker, hilarious funny people. My besties dunya and akhira' . 

Wish our friends, Arwah Syed Sulaiman is with us. But Allah loves him more. We gonna love and miss you always buddy. Al-Fatihah :")

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